• Putting our clients first since 2019

    For more than 2 years, we've been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives.


    We believe everyone should participate in the Crypto trading process. So we intend to share responsibility with everyone. we respect our investors interest, listen to their ideas and inspire them when needed. We behave with empathy, thoughtfulness and kindness.and also believe in giving our investors value for their money.


    xcellfinancialglobal was created to ensure that alot of individuals and enterprise who wants to trade crypto do not loose their hard earned funds on process of self trading due to lack of knowledge in the field and market manipulations.

    We have so many shareholders that earns weekly, monthly and yearly depending on the stocks they they have share and we has more room for many other share holders who seems interested in the platform.


    Our team is clear on its goals and we are incentivized through compensation structure and recognition. With that foundation, we can apply our personality and values to define how we will accomplish those goals.

    Trust the Professionals

    We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve trading for the self-directed investor.



    Saunders Beau

    Became xcellfinancialglobal CEO since 2019 and from wales, aim at pushing this company to the peak.



    Clark Bobby

    Hails from wales, chartered accountant since 2019.

    Number speaks

    We always ready
    for a challenge.

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    Trading instruments

    We as a company trade via the aid of auto robot and traders and mine with Antiminer S9 machines which is capable of mining thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies per day and execute trades better, so your investment is very safe.


    Countries covered

    We have covered more than 41 countries and almost supported in all European countries.